was launched in November of 2006 by true food lovers. Their goal was to bring something to the Kosher consumers of New York that had never surfaced before:

An Online Resource for Comprehensive Kosher Restaurant Information.

The journey to was simple. Never quite knowing where a Kosher restaurant was located, never quite knowing how the food would be, never quite knowing how much a meal would cost, or what exactly was on the menu — and so the mission began.

The founders were disappointed that their friends and colleagues who ate at non-Kosher establishments had plenty of online resources, but there were few at their disposal that focused solely on the New York Kosher community.

And so was born A resource that offers restaurant reviews, hashgachah information, addresses and phone numbers, as well as many other things needed to find a kosher restaurant in a hurry — while on the busy road to conquering the way of life in New York City.

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